Welcome to Find Joy, Speak Love

Hello – I’m glad you’re here. I created Find Joy, Speak Love to serve as a pocket of the internet that can be counted on to be positive, joyful, and safe. In this space we will celebrate the beauty that exists in the world, and spread positivity through kind words and good deeds. Some of the topics you might encounter here:

  • Reviews of books on subjects like positivity, happiness, and wellness.
  • Reviews of educational content/online coursework.
  • Posts celebrating the little things that make life joyful.
  • Small introductions to sustainability and waste reduction.
  • Musings on how we might, as humans, live a fulfilling life that helps and uplifts those around us.

If any of that sounds nice to you, I hope you will stay and read a bit, leave a comment, and let me know more about you. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

From the blog:

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