Find Joy: “Build A Ladder” with Martina of King Kogi and Eatyourkimchi Studio

Some days are harder than others. Whether a combination of small troubles add up to be overwhelming, or you’re navigating something more serious like chronic illness or grief, occasionally we all have a day where we hit the proverbial wall and aren’t sure how to move forward.

One resource I repeatedly turn to when either I or someone I know is facing a tough time, is a video from Martina of King Kogi and Eatyourkimchi Studio on YouTube. Martina has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which, among other symptoms, causes her physical pain. Despite this, Martina is determined to find joy and not let her illness keep her from living her life. Her process for this is to “build a ladder,” in essence getting through her day by accomplishing tasks in very small doses, celebrating those tiny accomplishments, and finding joy in accessible ways by mindfully enjoying the world around you. Here is Martina’s video on building a ladder:

Now that you understand Martina’s approach to building a ladder, is anything you do to help yourself get through tough times coming to mind? I’ve shared a bit on this blog around ways that I find joy, like gamified walking or listening to Harry Potter music while I work, etc. What are some ways that you build a ladder?

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