How to “speak love” and lift up everyone around you

I came across this image online about a year ago and since then it has been firmly ingrained in my mind. The concept of “speaking love” and part of the name of this website came from the words of Ethereal Kia shown here. I’m lucky enough to be the mom to two very loving and affectionate children, and I’m sure that a piece of that affectionate nature comes from my propensity for “speaking love” into my kids.

Though that verbal affection came naturally, seeing Ethereal Kia’s post made me start to think about how I might speak love into others in my life. At work, why not tell someone that they did a really great job on a project, in a meeting, or even that they handled a complex topic well over email? When speaking with customer service over the phone, adding a “thank you, you’ve been so helpful” at the end is low effort but so rewarding. Tipping an extra dollar. Giving a smile. Complimenting someone’s sweater or earrings in the grocery store and then continuing on your way.

These actions take effort and require energy, so it can be difficult to do all the time. Someones we need to receive energy rather than give it, and that is fair and deserves to be acknowledged and respected. But on days when you are feeling positive and you do have energy to spare, try speaking some love into the people you interact with. Let’s create some small ripples of joy and love in our communities, and see where all that energy takes us.

Today I’m sending you joy and love and energy for passing it on to others.

P.S. – I wasn’t able to find a current link for the @etherealkia profile on any social media, so please comment below to let me know if you know of one. I’d love to link to it and give proper credit to the person who has inspired me so much.

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