Benevolence with Babish

I started this blog to create a place where I could collect all of the joyful and loving things I found in the world. I did so because I’ve felt called to put happiness and positivity out into the world, and this seemed like the right medium for doing that. This post is an example of sharing something I’ve come across that I’d like to send your way in hopes that it brings you joy.

Today I wanted to share with you a video I saw recently that warmed my heart. If you’ve watched the YouTube channel “Binging with Babish” before, you already know that Andrew Rea’s videos are calming and interesting. His “Botched by Babish” series is typically more silly and chaotic – an endearing explosion of humor and information. This video in particular brings that joyful chaotic energy, but the end is of particular interest as we are able to see one of the ways Rea pays it forward by uplifting a young aspiring chef whose life goals have been put on hold by the pandemic.

I hope you enjoy.

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