Speak Love: Let’s save the bees together

Photo by Michael Hodgins on Pexels.com

I’m one of those people that has an irrational fear of bees. I know objectively that they are beautiful, useful, and literally keep us alive by pollinating our food-producing (and oxygen producing) plant life. However, I’m afraid of them and I will run in the other direction like a small child if one is buzzing near me. But I am determined to “fake it until I make it” and turn that fear into love by supporting the bees in any small way that I can.

Today I donated to The Bee Conservancy to help them do the work they do in supporting global bee communities.

This post isn’t very unique, but I’m utilizing this forum to hold myself accountable and to serve as a reminder to myself that I can choose to funnel negative energy into positive energy. Even if that effort results in small change, it’s worth it.

Sending lots of bee loving energy and joy out into the world for you today too! Buzz!

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