It’s OK if your “best” isn’t that great

“Be kind (to yourself)”
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Today I made a couple silly mistakes early on in the day that had me thinking, “Wow, I really am trying my best, and I am still not doing so well.” But then I wondered – is it true that I’m trying my best, if I’m making mistakes that I wouldn’t typically make? Is this sub-par performance really my “best?”

In a previous post I mentioned the idea of each of us having a finite energy bandwidth. That bandwidth is individualized and influenced by everything that could possibly provide or reduce energy. Get a good night’s sleep? More bandwidth for you! Navigate a global pandemic for the nth day in a row… I’m guessing at least some of your bandwidth is sapped.

This bandwidth is what determines what level of our “best” we can truly reach on a given day. Sometimes, you’re tired, stressed, overwhelmed, stretched too thin, and the list goes on. On days like this, your best might not be the best you’ve ever been capable of, but it is the best you’re able to provide in the moment, given the bandwidth you have at your disposal.

This is a long-winded way for me to suggest that if you are feeling down about what you’re currently capable of, try to be kind to yourself and cut yourself a little slack. We are all going through a lot. Life is busy, and complicated, and scary – now more than ever. Your best is just fine, regardless of whether you’ve done better before.

I’m proud of you. You’re doing great. Keep it up.

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