Buddha’s Brain: Your true nature is the best of you, regardless of what you are feeling right now

I’m doing a re-read of Buddha’s Brain, after having started and not finished it years ago. Chapter one discusses the link between neurology and the “self,” and I thought this quote was too lovely not to share:

“It’s a remarkable fact that the people who have gone the very deepest into the mind – the sages and saints of every religious tradition – all say essentially the same thing: your fundamental nature is pure, conscious, peaceful, radiant, loving and wise, and it is joined in mysterious ways with the ultimate underpinnings of reality, by whatever name we give That. Although your true nature may be hidden momentarily by stress and worry, anger and unfulfilled longings, it still continues to exist. Knowing this can be a great comfort.”

I am choosing to embody this quote today, physically and spiritually. I hope that if you wish to do so, you are able to as well. We are peaceful. We are radiant. We are loving and wise. Deep down, we are all pure.

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