You can’t be everything, but you can be resourceful

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A few days ago I wrote down a few thoughts reflecting on the words of Hindz and not letting “perfect be the enemy of good.” I think we’ve all experienced what perfectionism can do – both the positive and the negative. Being an overachiever means you do, indeed, achieve, but it can also result in burnout, impostor syndrome, and other negative thought processes that erode a healthy sense of self-worth.

Rationally, we know we can’t do it all and be everything to everyone. We carry so much just existing in this world: our health and the health of those we support, our homes, jobs, and myriad responsibilities. So when we are overwhelmed or stretched too thin, what is the answer?

For me, the answer was surrendering my desire to be the best, and to divert some of that perfectionist energy into being resourceful. When I was feeling my postpartum depression return after the birth of my second child, I scheduled time with my therapist and my psychiatrist, and asked family for some help with my little ones so that I could catch up on sleep. When speaking with my therapist, she told me that these actions showed how resourceful I was. Before that moment, I had never thought of resourcefulness as a skill. Being told I was showing resourcefulness, however, got me thinking about what developing that skill might do for me and for my life.

Honestly, I am still often overwhelmed and stretched too thin. I know that this may continue, and I know for certain I’m not the only one that feels this way. But I am flexing the resourcefulness muscle whenever possible: switching some healthcare options to providers closer to home so that I can reduce driving time, asking for help when I need it and not pretending that I don’t, and simplifying our family schedule so that we can do more when we feel up to it but we aren’t locked into aggressive extracurricular calendars for the foreseeable future.

I know that resourcefulness is something we are all capable of. If you feel you are nearing a breaking point and that you need help, I am sending you on a mission of resourcefulness, to remind yourself that you can pull back to preserve energy, ask for help from your “village,” and find small ways to make your life less taxing, even if they’re temporary.

I believe in your ability to be resourceful in your life. And I believe that doing so will help you rest, recover, and find joy.

2 thoughts on “You can’t be everything, but you can be resourceful

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