On self-expectations and realism

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

On days when I have leisure time, I notice that I often have to consciously decide that I am going to rest, and listen to my body, and make choices that are nourishing and not deprivative.

I find that I feel like I’m thriving when I don’t have to push too much to get through the expectations of my day. When I’m tired, when I’m fading, when nothing of any substance remains inside my body and even my soul seems half-asleep – that is when I say, “For today, I’m done.”

Knowing when to stop isn’t a challenge for me after gaining some age and some practice, but it can be a challenge for those around me to understand or accept. So I explain it like this:

Each of us has an energy bandwidth. Mine is my own, and it may be bigger or smaller than yours. Once I am out of bandwidth, I simply can’t get anymore until I recharge in some way. If I ignore my limit, I would have nothing of substance to offer past this point, until I see to my own needs. So I might as well go take care of myself, so you get the best of me and so I feel my best.

It does sometimes feel like the universe enjoys the humor in having night owls and early birds become companions, so I’m sure you already know everything about what I am sharing.

I hope that you are able to focus on what your body and soul need, as often as your body and soul need it.

One thought on “On self-expectations and realism

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