Why not now?

Photo by Ady April on Pexels.com

Lately I’ve been faced with an internal battle – not a battle unique to me, but a modern war being waged by many because of the openness of the world in which we live. The battle between action and perfection.

Action is what I’m called to: to do, create, and feel. Perfectionism holds me back because what I do is imperfect, what I create is imperfect, and thus what I’m feeling, to me, feels imperfect.

I’m able to do, right now, because of HINDZ, or Hindzsight, who in his wisdom posted a video “Being a perfectionist almost ruined me.” Even as I write this, my internal monologue is telling me that what I’m writing isn’t unique enough to share. But as HINDZ shared in his video, why does it have to be? Why not treat all public creation as a drawing board, to allow my current thoughts to be seen, and to show who I am, flaws and all? Because, as he so eloquently put it, “you don’t know what we are going to love about you.”

So I’ll use today as a test to start adding to my own public drawing board. I’ll make a few predictions and share a few hopes about what putting aside perfectionism could do for me:

  1. Removing blockers to create and to feeling creative will open up my ability to create in new and unexpected ways.
  2. Creating a practice of looking for and celebrating joy will attract even more joy into my life.
  3. Speaking love will build up those around me, and allow me to internalize that love for myself as well.

I’m thankful for the messages and wisdom I’ve encountered that have brought me to this point, and encouraged me – directly or abstractly – to forge ahead, to take action, to do. Even when “doing” is simply speaking and existing outwardly in a way that means others might see it.

I hope for joy and love for you, and for us all.

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